Two ATU SRC Presidential Aspirants merge.

In the quest to lead the student’s front and ensure that the safety, security and welfare of students are improved upon in Accra Technical University, many students form teams which fight to stand tall among others to take the SRC Presidential Throne.

Two ATU SRC Presidential Aspirants merge.

It was therefore not surprising to see many teams emerging to contest for the 2020/2021 ATU-SRC Presidential Election.
Information reaching Sancept has suggested two of the giant teams who are propelled to fight and lead the students’ front come next academic year have decided to merge and become one.

In a communiqué endorsed by Mr. Desmond Boateng, the team leader for TEAM DKB aspiring for the SRC presidential position, he announces his merger with TEAM AKPABLA, who is also vying for the same position.

Part of the communiqué read, “Its based on some of these reasons that myself DESMOND BOATENG (PROCUREMENT DEPARTMENT)  &  GIDEON AKPABLA ( ENGINEERING   DEPARTMENT) seizes this opportunity to make known to the entire student body of our intention to run for the office of President and Vice President respectively so we offer results oriented leadership and position ATU in the forefront of student leadership among other Technical Universities. 

 Desmond Boateng – Team DKB

The communiqué earlier explained how the two teams sat to scrutinize their policies to reflect students’ interest before this decision was taken. “We share in the general sentiment that, more often than not, some do not meet the expectations entrusted in them but could be as a result of being fed up with the ‘annual ritual’ of electing colleagues just for ceremonial purposes. Now, we have the opportunity to right the wrong that may have occurred, We have the opportunity to ensure equity and equality in advocacy for all. We have an opportunity to ensure our dues meet the pressing needs of all. We have the opportunity to ensure the SRC scholarship is not for a selected few but for all well deserving students.” This gave more reasons to why the two teams should merge and become one.

Gideon Akpabla – Team AKPABLA

These two teams therefore call on their followers and sympathizers to accept this decision and rally behind the call for LEADERSHIP OF CHANGE AND TRANSFORMATION.

In conclusion of the communiqué, the two teams stated "Our policy document ( manifesto) , will detail how we shall achieve the various policies stated therein. We would like to take this opportunity to once again admonish everyone to adhere to the COVID-19 safety protocols."

Will this have any impact in this race?
Would this be the decider?

We watch closely to what happens next.
Sancept will keep you informed on any developments.

Reported by: Lord Aggrey Jnr
                       Brand Communications