This Privacy Policy explains how Sancept, a music service owned and operated by Sancept, collects, uses, and manages your personal data. By using the Platform (defined below) and/or by registering for a user account, you consent to our Privacy Policy, so it’s important you read it carefully. If you do not agree to any term, provision, or concept in this Privacy Policy, you should not use the Sancept website platform.
Please contact with any privacy-related questions.

1 - Introduction/Overview
Our Privacy Policy will provide you with a detailed explanation of how we collect and use your data on the Platform. Before we delve into the details, however, we’d like to provide you with a brief overview of our philosophy as it pertains to user privacy and to highlight some key basic ideas.
By using the Platform, you consent to the collection of certain types of data (outlined below). You should fully understand what we do (and don’t do) with your personal information and data.

2. Information we collect about you
Visiting and using the Platform does not require you to provide any personal information, however, by electing to register for a user account you will provide us with certain information as you complete the registration process:
Opt-In/Registration Data:
To register for an Sancept account, you must provide us with a valid email address as well as your age and gender. If you use Social Login (e.g. Facebook) to sign up, we may receive some of this information from the social network. You may elect to provide us with certain other personal information - personal/artist biography, hometown, and links to your profiles on other social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc).
We also collect and display the date of your initial user registration on your user profile as a month and year - e.g. August ‘14.
You will also provide certain personal data if you use our Contact Us tools, on-site forms, or send us an email regarding support, your account, or other topics.
You may also provide other personal information through your use of the site and posting of audio material, in the track description, comments, or title fields.

3 - How we use your information
We may use your information for any of the following purposes;
To operate your Sancept account, and to identify you when you use the Platform. Your email address and password are used for this identification;
To identify you and your actions (uploads, favorites, re-up’s, comments, etc) on the Platform; To provide technical functionality to the Platform; for research and development of new products, services, or functionality; and analyze your use of the Platform;
To provide you with technical support or assistance;
To communicate with you for marketing, support, and/or promotional purposes through email, text message, push, or in-app notifications;

4 - How we share your information
Information about you or your activity on the Platform may be shared in two ways: the first is information you share via your public profile on the Platform is publicly visible to other users of the Platform and thus is shared and the second is data and information Sancept collects on you (as described in section two above) that Sancept may in their sole discretion share with reputable third parties in hopes of enhancing the Platform, its analytics and services.
Information you share via your use of the Platform:
Any information you provide in your public profile (username, name, location, social media feeds) and/or use of the Platform (plays, favorites, following, re-ups, playlists) is public and may be seen by other users on the Platform or by Sancept administrators.

How we use cookies and technology
Sancept uses cookies and related technology to enhance the Platform, provide you with a consistent experience, record login and registration information, and to serve you more relevant advertisements. Some ads served by third parties may use limited information about you and your interaction with the Platform to enhance the targeting or retargeting of advertisements and marketing campaigns. You may refuse to accept cookies from the Sancept.

6. Accessing and updating your information
You may update your personal information at any time by visiting your Dashboard page in your user profile. Please bear in mind that profile data that is updated may take a few hours or another reasonable period of time to update internally.
Your data will be deleted if you delete your account which can be done by accessing your account by clicking the “Delete account” button. However, please bear in mind that it may still show up on internet search engines for some time after deletion due to caching.
Please note, logging out of or deleting the mobile app from your device does not delete your user account.

7 - Transfer to other countries/territories
Although our third party providers and services are based in the United States, there may in some circumstances be cases where data is transmitted to servers outside of the U.S. as part of the normal operation of the Platform. Please be aware that not all countries have the same data storage and privacy laws as the United States, and by using the Sancept Platform you consent to the storage, transfer, collection, and transmission of your data to other territories as necessary.

8 - Links
The Platform contains links to third-party content, advertisements, and sites that are not owned by nor affiliated with Sancept.. We cannot be held accountable for the content or privacy policy of third- party sites. Be sure to read their privacy policies to determine if you are comfortable with how they handle your information.

9 - Children
The Platform is not intended for use by those under the age of 13. We never knowingly or purposefully collect information from anyone under the age of 13, or under the legal age limit in their respective territory (“Age Limit”), under any circumstances. If you are under the Age Limit, you should not use the Platform and are expressly prohibited from registering for a user account, or transmitting any data or personal information on the Platform. If you are the parent/guardian of a child under the Age Limit and believe we have collected such information, please contact us immediately at and it will be promptly removed.

10 - Changes to our Privacy Policy
We may, at our sole discretion, change the terms of this Privacy Policy at any time and for any reason. In the event that we do change this Privacy Policy, we will post notification of updates both within the Policy itself and via notifications throughout the Platform and specifically on the Sancept website. Please be sure to read all updates to the Privacy Policy thoroughly before continuing to use the Audiomack platform. Your continued use of the Platform constitutes acceptance of any new or changed terms in this Privacy Policy.
Please contact with any questions or concerns about the Privacy Policy.
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