Married men are pursuing me - Yvonne Nelson

The Ghanaian beautiful actress, Yvonne Nelson, has share on her Instagram page about how Ghanaian married men are proposing to her everywhere.

Married men are pursuing me - Yvonne Nelson

In different posts on her Twitter as well, she specified that, many of such men have been streaming in her direct messaging box.

The pretty lady, has forewarned them to desist from running after her as she is not concerned about their advances.

The nation's star, director, producer and actress, Yvonne Nelson, as she is affectionately called by many, has disclosed that, the ever-ready engaged men, have been running after her in effort to pursue and have her in addition to their wives.

Yvonne Nelson reveals on all her social media pages in screen shots, men who are pursuing her.

Information from the beautiful mother of one says, these men have been streaming into her direct message box with lots of ecstasy messages, but from her Tweet messages, it indicates that, she is not interested in the fondling words of these men. It certainly means she can't have anything to do with any of them.

She however threw heavy warning messages to all such men to desist from harassing her from her pages because she can't present herself for the joy they are looking for, any day. She is not a second hand made for any man.

She expressed how unhappy she becomes when she comes across such messages in her DM.

These have made many talking on her Instagram page and Twitter.

Let's not endanger ourselves fellow Ghanaians. We should make it our aim to always obey rules especially that of the precautionary measures governing Corona virus and stay safe.