After High School || Personal Development

A valuable blueprint for creating value and relevance to yourself after high school education.

After High School || Personal Development
Lord Aggrey Jnr.

Dear new SHS Graduate, this article is for you.
On that note, I officially welcome you back home, congratulations. I strongly believe your Tireless efforts will be crowned with success.

I know you have a lot of decisions to make and not much time to make them. These decisions will either make or break your life, and you have to make sure you make them to the best of your ability because there is no turning back

Sometimes students formulate expectations about life after school long before they leave school but later discover that the experience falls short of their expectations, Yes I've been there before.

I am moved by the nostalgia for the good old days in High School in comparison with my current life to write this article.

Back in high school especially in our final year, we were so excited about our impending life after high school hoping to proceed to the various tertiary institutions. But upon completing high school and now living as high school graduates, some of us feel ashamed for being overly excited some years ago. 

This is because most high school graduates are unemployed and idled expending their precious time, energy and the little money they get on unproductive and unwholesome things.That is the life after high school in Ghana we live for you! This current phenomenon has compelled most high school graduates to resort to practising illegal and immoral acts to earn income.


My dear brother/sister, Life after high school is not as easy as you think. I know some of you would be lucky enough to further your education and others too would enter the workforce.

In order to prepare yourself to enter the workforce or further your education,  you need experiences that go beyond chemistry knowledge alone to develop other critical skills necessary for making yourself effective and productive.

Become a student again.
Think of upgrading yourself in order to create more value and relevance to yourself.
I want to challenge you to learn a new skill during this time that you are home. 

I'm planning with my team to organize a series of Digital skill and personal development training to help  the new SHS graduates but until then, There are thousands of skills out there being Digital/IT ,Entrepreneurial, communication skills etc for you to learn. And these are Absolutely Free for you to learn on the internet. Yes.

And trust me, this is going to be a great benefit to your life. In addition, learning new skills keep you a current and valuable property in the job marketplace.
Below are some free online platforms for you to learn;

You can connect with me for coaching in section through the link below:

Remember creating value to yourself means creating value to the world. 
Remember to practice the Covid19 protective measures and stay safe!

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Written by:
Lord Aggrey Jnr
Brand Communication || Personal Development Advocate.
Lord Aggrey Jnr.